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Q&A: Applying to be a CTE Data Unlocked Expert - 4/13/16

As part of CTE Data Unlocked, 10 consultants will be selected to help colleges use data to support program improvement during the 2016-17 academic year. CTE Data Unlocked Experts will help to ensure that college practitioners are able to integrate statewide data tools into college processes like program review, accreditation, planning, and advising. This webinar will explain more about this opportunity, including the skills that we are looking for, the types of tasks you'd be involved in, and compensation.

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CTE Data Unlocked and the LaunchBoard Program Snapshot: Tools to Improve CTE Program Review, Accreditation, and Planning - 2/25/16
Kathy Booth, LaunchBoard Project Team

The CTE LaunchBoard, a web-based tool supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus, provides easily-accessible information on program enrollment, student completion, employment outcomes, and alignment with regional labor market demand. This webinar walks you through the LaunchBoard’s revised Program Snapshot tab, using four common scenarios for using CTE data: developing new programs, program review, integrated planning, and accreditation. Then, it describes changes to the other tabs of the LaunchBoard including shifts in reporting requirements for the Common Metrics and how to use the CTE Outcomes Survey tool to access program-level results on students’ post-college employment gains. Finally, the webinar describes CTE Data Unlocked and how colleges can access tools, training, technical assistance, and funding to support the use of CTE data in college and regional processes.

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Using the LaunchBoard for California Career Pathways Trust - 05/01/15
Kathy Booth, LaunchBoard Project Team and Megan Rafferty, Cal-PASS Plus

The LaunchBoard is creating a new tab that is devoted to the California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT), which can be used by K-12 and community college practitioners free of charge. The voluntary tool allows grantees to track student-level records, based on cohorts of K-12 students that grantees upload and that are matched to community college program codes; aggregate information across sites; and see results for their own institution, other institutions within their consortium, and their consortium as a whole. This session will walk you through how to use the tool in conjunction with local data collection efforts.

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Entering College-Level Data into the LaunchBoard - 03/06/15 at 12:00 PM
Kathy Booth, Renah Wolzinger, Alyssa Nguyen, and Aeron Zentner, LaunchBoard Project Team

All grant funding from the Chancellor’s Office requires that grantees choose three Momentum Points from the Common Metrics on which to report. Several of these metrics—including dual enrollment, work-based learning, and soft skills training—must be tracked by individual colleges. Therefore, each college has designated a local data upload point person to upload student-level information on the appropriate metrics for their institution. This training, designed for local data upload point people and Key Talent grantees, will explain how to collect and report this student-level information.

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Understanding CTE Data Tools - 06/19/14 at 10:00 AM
California community colleges have access to many data tools to inform decision-making about CTE programs. This session provides an overview of tools including the LaunchBoard, Cal-PASS Plus, Salary Surfer, Wage Tracker, the Data Mart, and the CTE Outcomes Survey. In addition to clarifying who each tool is for and what it offers, you'll learn about specific ways to use these tools to support activities like program review, advising, and program planning.

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