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Consider labor market needs when making budget, course & program decisions.

Decide on program capacity as a region.

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Retool programs that are not working or not meeting a labor market need so that students can study what MATTERS.

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Adopt common metrics and skills panels in CCCCO RFAs.

Strengthen regions with new skill sets.

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Solve a complex workforce training need so that our system can better deliver for employers and sectors.

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Student Success Scorecard Skills-Builder Metric

The Chancellor's Office, working with the Vocational Education Research and Technical Advisory Committee (VERATAC), has spent more than a year examining various approaches and developed a proposed skills-builder metric for the Student Success Scorecard.

This proposed metric and its implications for career and technical education programs are summarized in a statewide guide as well as regional guides. The guides answer the following questions:

  • How was the proposed skills-builder metric created?
  • What types of students are skills-builders?
  • How many skills-builders are there?
  • Are skills-builders securing higher earnings?
  • Are skills-builders earning a living wage?
  • What would it mean to have a skills-builder metric on the Student Success Scorecard?

In spring and summer 2015, the Centers of Excellence will be scheduling meetings with regional consortia across the state to engage practitioners with their regional skills-builder data, which has also been broken out by sector. By looking at the figures together, community college deans, directors, and faculty can make meaning of the numbers and discuss their local programs and student populations. In addition, these meetings will provide an opportunity to better understand the proposed skills-builder metric and give feedback on its appropriateness for inclusion on the CTE Scorecard.

Click on the links below to download the guides and to find contact information for the Centers of Excellence directors.

Statewide Guide
What Get’s to Count: Constructing a Skills-Builder Success Metric

Regional Guides