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RFA Grants

We know you have RFA questions on the sequencing, process, goals, and objectives. To help you navigate the new process, we scheduled a series of RFA MeetUp webinars to brief the field on what to expect. Learn more and view the archived webinars.

Focusing on jobs and the economy asks us to braid funding and target investment (of incentive funds) at priority and emergent sectors important to regions. Where a sector is a priority in multiple regions, industry benefits from having a first contact amongst the community colleges in the form of Sector Navigators. Sector Navigators cross coordinate amongst regions along a sector to bring forth relationships, assets, and resources– including collaborative communities, hubs, and industry advisory bodies – to advance career pathways and workforce solutions to close the skills gap. What follows is the proposed list of 2013-14 sectors:


  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Transportation & Renewables
  • Energy (Efficiency) & Utility
  • Health
  • Life Sciences/Biotech
  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital Media
  • Global Trade & Logistics
  • Agriculture, Water, & Environmental Technologies
  • Retail/Hospitality/Tourism 'Learn and Earn'
  • Small Business

Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and Economy asks that in lieu of institutional footprint, we start with economic regions as the foundation for planning and braiding of funding. The following is the proposed 2013-14 footprint of the Regional Consortia structure:

Economic Region

Macro Region

Northern Inland


Northern Coastal


Greater Sacramento


SF/San Mateo


East Bay


Silicon Valley


North Bay


Santa Cruz/Monterey


Central Valley


Mother Lode


South Central Coast


San Diego/Imperial


Inland Empire/Desert


LA County


Orange County


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RFA Frequently Asked Questions

Request for Application (RFA) Overview

RFA timeline V5 - revised as of 01/15/2013

Matrix of Sector Selection by Region - revised as of 2/6/2013; Local WIB overlay of Sector Section by Region as of 05/2013

Standard Terms and Conditions Final 111912

Visualization of 2013-14 Grantee Roles

Apply (the Application and Reporting System)

Guidance Documents

Useful Templates & Tutorials

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