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Lynn Shaw

Dr. Lynn Shaw

Electrical Technology Professor, Long Beach City College
Vice Chair, Los Angeles and Orange County Regional Consortia (LAOCRC)

Dr. Lynn Shaw has her Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Claremont University and San Diego State and is an Electrical Technology Professor at Long Beach City College. She is also the Vice Chair of the Los Angeles and Orange County Regional Consortium. In 2014-2015 she was the Co-Chair of the California Community College’s Taskforce on workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy. She is currently on sabbatical conducting research on women and men success stories in nontraditional careers.

She has worked as a miner, steelworker, longshore worker and journey level electrician. She served 4 years as the full time faculty union President for Long Beach City College. She is often a featured speaker on the topics of career technical education, women in nontraditional careers, and apprenticeship.

In the 1980’s when Dr. Shaw was frustrated with being the only woman on construction job sites she founded WINTER, Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles, a non-profit organization. WINTER began simply, as an informal support network for women working in the skilled trades and others who wanted these high paying careers. WINTER educates and trains women and youth preparing them for non-traditional and high skill high wage careers. WINTER now has 20 employees, 4 sites throughout Los Angeles County, including the Rosie the Riveter Charter High School.

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The Opportunity
For community colleges to become essential catalysts to California’s economic recovery and jobs creation at the local, regional and state levels.

The Strategy
Doing What MATTERS for jobs and the economy is a four-pronged framework to respond to the call of our nation, state, and regions to close the skills gap. The four prongs are:

  • Give Priority for Jobs and the Economy
  • Make Room for Jobs and the Economy
  • Promote Student Success
  • Innovate for Jobs and the Economy
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office