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Step-By-Step Instructions

Local Share Reporting Template

Easy to Use Local Share System: Strong Workforce Program
Four-minute video explaining what you need to do to fill out the Local Share Reporting Template.

Local Share Reporting Template Quick Start Guide
One pager describing key data elements and where to access related information.

Strong Workforce Program Local Share Reporting Template Guide
Offers step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, on how to prepare information necessary for the Local Share Reporting Template.

Tips for Calculating Demand and Supply
Detailed information on how to do custom analyses of demand and supply.

Tips for Developing Outcomes Projections
Detailed information on selecting outcomes metrics and setting outcomes projections.

Local Share Reporting Template Worksheet
Spreadsheet where colleges can record information for each field in the Local Share Reporting Template, as they develop their submission materials

Local Share LMI Worksheet
Spreadsheet where colleges can record demand and supply numbers, and use built-in calculations to determine whether there is an oversupply of qualified workers for specific occupations