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This series of infographics can help address common questions about CTE data.


Understanding Employment and Earnings Data
Web version | Print version
Spells out tools that show employment information, where the data comes from, how representative it is, and issues to consider when reviewing the data

Understanding TOP Codes
Web version
Explains how TOP codes are assigned and common problems in using TOP codes to view program outcomes.

What to Know Before Changing Program and Course Codes
Web version
Explains what you need to consider, related to students, funding, college planning, and accountability reporting, when you change codes such as TOP, SAM, and CIP.

Understanding Skills-Builders
Web version
Explains who skills-builders are, how skills-builders are identified, what we know about them, and why it's important to examine skills-builder outcomes.

Data Tools

What Types of CTE Data Are Available?
Web version
Shows the free data tools that can support tracking early college credit, which colleges are offering programs, students’ educational attainment, employment, and earnings, plus labor market information

What Are the Data Sources in the LaunchBoard?
Web version
Outlines how the LaunchBoard metrics are populated.

How Do the Perkins Core Indicator Reports Compare to the LaunchBoard?
Web version
Explains the distinctions between the two reporting systems.

CTE Outcomes Survey

Improving Response Rates on the CTE Outcomes Survey
Web version
Details strategies that can help ensure that more students respond to the CTE Outcomes Survey, which provides detailed information on students' employment status and satisfaction with their educational experience.

CTE Outcomes Survey Poster for Students
Web version
Can be used to alert students to the value of participating in the CTE Outcomes Survey, as well as highlight employment outcomes for former students.

CTE Outcomes Survey Poster for Colleges
Web version
Can be used to alert colleges to the value of participating in the CTE Outcomes Survey, including the types of data that the survey provides.

Getting Support

Understanding Key Talent Roles
Web version
Describes the various Key Talent roles and how they can support colleges in filling out the Strong Workforce Program funding templates.