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The LaunchBoard has created a tab that is devoted to the California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT), which can be used by K-12 and community college practitioners free of charge. The CCPT tab in the LaunchBoard is a voluntary tool intended to help grantees aggregate required reporting data across sites and to support local data conversations. It is not the official mechanism to report on grant outcomes to the California Department of Education, the lead agency for CCPT.

The tool allows grantees to:

  • compile required reporting items across sites
  • see results for their own institution, other institutions within their consortium, and their consortium as a whole
  • track community college outcomes for students who began in a K-12 pathway

Read more about the CCPT Tab in this FAQ.

Email questions about using the LaunchBoard CCPT tab to Email questions about data definitions and grant requirements to the California Department of Education at

Uploading Data Into the CCPT Tab

For grantees that elect to use the LaunchBoard CCPT tab, consortia will need to designate data managers in order to set appropriate data permissions. Learn more below:

Read guidance documents on using the CCPT tab:

Access the CCPT page of the LaunchBoard »