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LaunchBoard Accountability Reporting

Confused about reporting requirements or how to get data into the system? Click on categories with the » to view related resources. Direct any questions to

Strong Workforce Program

Common Metrics Reporting Requirements (applies only to grantees from before 2016-17) »

Revisions to the Common Metrics - Information on changes to reporting for 2014-15 Common Metrics

Common Metrics and Accountability Measures - List of Common Metrics for 2014-15

Decision Tree for Selecting Common Metrics - Model process for selecting Common Metrics to align with grant objectives

Outcomes Reporting FAQ - Summary of reporting expectations, by grant type

Entering Data Into the Common Metrics Tab (applies only to grantees from before 2016-17) »

LaunchBoard Common Metrics Data Upload FAQ - Information on what needs to be collected and how to do so

Key Talent

LaunchBoard Common Metrics Data Upload Overview - Resource guide for California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Workforce and Economic Development Division grantees on the data in the LaunchBoard

Using the CATEMA System for Articulated Course, Dual Enrollment, and Credit-By-Exam Information in the LaunchBoard - step-by-step instructions about how the CATEMA System can be used to collect Common Metrics

How to Use the Launchboard Contract Ed Tool - Step-by-step instructions on how to gather or upload information on contract education participants to populate Common Metric Momentum Point 33.

Sample Informed Consent Language - Example text that can be used when collecting personal information from contract education students in the LaunchBoard.

Local Data Upload Point People

How to Load Data into the LaunchBoard Common Metrics Tab - step by step instructions, with screenshots, for populating locally-collected metrics

Technical Guide to Uploading Data into the LaunchBoard - Resource guide for local data upload point people on how to enter information into the LaunchBoard

Data Collection and Reporting Strategies for Momentum Points - Metric-by-metric instructions on how data on should be collected

Serving as a Local Data Upload Point Person - Responsibilities of the local data upload point person for the CTE LaunchBoard

Program Code by Sector - List of community college Taxonomy of Program (TOP) codes and their associated Doing What MATTERS Priority Sector

College by Region - List of community colleges and their associated Doing What MATTERS Region

Reporting Requirements by College - summary of the data that each college needs to collect and the related program codes

Entering Data Into the CCPT Tab »

The Opportunity
For community colleges to become essential catalysts to California’s economic recovery and jobs creation at the local, regional and state levels.

The Strategy
Doing What MATTERS for jobs and the economy is a four-pronged framework to respond to the call of our nation, state, and regions to close the skills gap. The four prongs are:

  • Give Priority for Jobs and the Economy
  • Make Room for Jobs and the Economy
  • Promote Student Success
  • Innovate for Jobs and the Economy
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office