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Consider labor market needs when making budget, course & program decisions.

Decide on program capacity as a region.

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Retool programs that are not working or not meeting a labor market need so that students can study what MATTERS.

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Adopt common metrics and skills panels in CCCCO RFAs.

Strengthen regions with new skill sets.

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Solve a complex workforce training need so that our system can better deliver for employers and sectors.

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Apprenticeship Tool Kit

The California Community College Chancellor's Office administers over $22 million annually for Related and Supplemental Instruction (RSI) for Registered Apprentices in California.  The funding supports classroom instruction for apprentices, which is a requirement for them in addition to On the Job Training (OJT).  The Chancellor's Office also provides technical assistance and support for existing Apprenticeship programs as well as in the creation of new Apprenticeship opportunities.

New Developments in Registered Apprenticeship

View this September 2, 2016 presentation by Laura Ginsburg from the Office of Apprenticeship, US Department of Labor.

Federal Department of Labor Releases American Apprenticeship Grants

On December 11, the Secretary of Labor announced a funding opportunity for the American Apprenticeship Grants. This is the single largest Federal investment in apprenticeship history and will serve as a catalyst to “sale and scale” the apprenticeship model as an innovative workforce strategy that is relevant to a number of different industries.

The Department of Labor is making $100 million, in existing H-1B funds, available for the American Apprenticeship Grants to help more workers participate in apprenticeships. These grants will support public-private partnerships that promote the expansion of quality and innovative Registered Apprenticeship programs. They will help start efforts to meet the needs of business and expand career opportunities for workers, women, underrepresented populations and young men and women of color, people with disabilities, and veterans. Attached is the Department’s official Press Release, and below are links to additional background information on the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and instructions on how to apply for these grant funds.

Final Press Release

Links to Additional Information

Links to New Resources

To stay abreast and up to date on all this information, please visit, and continue to check, the new apprenticeship website and download the resources and toolkits referenced above. These resources were designed to help engage potential sponsors and partners by providing helpful hints and Technical Assistance resources to start and register an apprenticeship program. We welcome your feedback on the resources provided!

Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium (RACC)

Campuses offering classroom instruction for apprenticeship or other programs related to apprenticeship initiatives should consider joining the Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium (RACC) which eases the way for Journeymen who have already completed an apprenticeship program to re-enter the community college system, earn a certificate or degree, or transfer to a 4 year institution. Becoming a member of the RACC will help you to attract these Journeymen and increase your college’s efficiency to completion rates. Currently, 13 California Community Colleges have joined the RACC with more to follow soon. For more information on the RACC and how to become a member, visit the RACC website or contact John Dunn ( at the Chancellor’s Office.

I Built It!

Video from the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards

Federal Apprenticeship Resources

Federal Department of Labor Employment Training Agency Office of Apprenticeship - First stop for all Federal Registered Apprenticeship inquiries. Contains videos, links to Data/Statistics and much more.

Registered Apprenticeship - College Consortium (RACC) - A network of Colleges and Registered Apprenticeship Programs working together to provide college-to-career opportunities.

Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Programs - Department of Labor TEN 13-12 document outlining the DOL approach to identifying what a Pre-Apprenticeship program should be.

Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship - The ACA is a discretionary Committee, in accordance with FACA, that provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Labor on critical Registered Apprenticeship issues.


5 Case Studies That Illustrate the Promise of Apprenticeship in the United States - September 25, 2014 - Center for American Progress

The ROI of Apprenticeships - Research from the United Kingdom on ROI for employers who utilize an apprenticeship training model in the automotive repair industry.

Employer Investment in Apprenticeships and Workplace Learning: The Fifth Net Benefits of Training to Employers Study - May 2012 - An in-depth analysis of apprenticeships in the UK by Warwick University on ROI for employers.

“Training for Success - A policy to expand Apprenticeships in the US” - November 2013 - Center for American Progress research paper that provides a very good overall review of Apprenticeship in the US and multiple ways to expand.

“Completion and Cancellation in the Building Trades” - Aspen Institute report on issues in Apprenticeship programs surrounding low completion rates as well as identifying how to reduce cancellation rates.

“Key Capacities of Construction Education Pre-Apprenticeship Programs” - Aspen Institute report identifying successful approaches to Pre-Apprenticeship in the construction trades. 

Other Aspen Institute resources - Website with additional Aspen Institute reports.

Report on Apprenticeship Related and Supplemental Instruction Programs - Fiscal Year 2011-12, California Department of Education. Annual report required by Budget Act, includes some statistical analysis and background on the RSI system in California.

Rules and Regulatory Information

Other Resources

California Community College Chancellor's Office Apprenticeship Page - Provides information regarding the role of the Community Colleges in Related and Supplemental Instruction, fiscal information, annual reporting requirements, etc.

California Apprenticeship Council (CAC) - State governing body for Apprenticeship in California.

Division of Apprenticeship Standards - State Agency overseeing the approval and ongoing monitoring of state approved Apprenticeship programs.

California Employment Training Panel - Provides funding for employers and Apprenticeship programs to train incumbent and new workers.

California Workforce Investment Board - CWIB - Oversees and supports local Workforce Investment Boards and provides policy guidance in workforce issues.

Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GoBiz) - Created by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. to serve as California’s single point of contact for economic development and job creation efforts.

Common Policies and Procedures recommendations document for CAC and Legislature- per Budget Act 2013-14.

Best Practices for Pre-Apprenticeship Programs - from Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).

Map of Apprenticeship Training Centers - Google Map identifying Apprenticeship Training centers and contact information for each.